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Jobs & Salaries

Estimate industry-specific and community-specific economic impacts including indirect and induced jobs and salaries.

Incentive Analysis

Calculate the ROI on economic development incentives to know when the community will get paid back.


Easy to follow reports—a one-page Summary Report for a quick overview and a Detailed Report when you really need to dig in.

Economist On-Demand

Beautifully-designed, easy-to-use software anytime you need it, and an economist on call when you have a question.

Multi-Year Analysis

Evaluate the project over multiple years to reflect the project’s ramp up or temporary tax abatements.

Infinitely Flexible

Manufacturing, corporate headquarters, retail—analyze any type of project. Oh, and run as many as you want, there’s no limit.

Economic developers across the country use Impact DashBoard to evaluate prospective business locations or expansions. The tool enables the community to understand how the new economic activity will impact local taxes and government costs. Impact DashBoard’s ability to estimate the ROI of economic development incentives makes it an invaluable tool. Put simply, Impact DashBoard provides analytics and quantitative support for economic developers to make and defend their decisions.


Impact Dashboard is the result of our 20+ years of experience helping economic developers change their communities. It’s a specialized tool built for what you do so you don’t need an advanced degree in economics to produce reliable impact results.

Each model is customized based on your needs and geographic area. We build in your current tax rates and other community-specific data. We dig into local government budgets, investigate geographic-specific population data, and commuting patterns arming you with the most comprehensive impact data available so that you can focus on your job as an economic developer.

We’re in this with you!

Getting Started

Impact DashBoard is available as an annual subscription with no start-up fee or multi-year commitment. Once your model is prepared, we will coordinate an online screenshare training session so that you and your staff can learn the ins and outs and do’s and don’t’s. On-site training, though probably not necessary, is available for an additional fee.

Along the Way

We’re here to help when you have questions anytime throughout the year. Does something seem amiss about a report you just ran? Are you unsure how to present a tax rebate or an ED grant? Wondering how to communicate this to your elected or appointed officials? Let our experience move you forward.

Next Steps

If you have questions or would like a live web demonstration, please contact Nicole D’Souza.

Nicole D’Souza
Business Development Manager
[email protected]