009- Economic Development Secrets- Bill Martin, Greater Osceola Partnership

Our February episode of Economic Development Secrets features Bill Martin, Executive Director of the Greater Osceola Partnership for Economic Prosperity. Bill Martin has spent his entire 40 year career helping companies find profitable and productive locations.  By helping companies succeed, the communities he serves also succeed, through increased job opportunities, higher wages and improved quality of life.

During his career, he has assisted in the creation of over 25,000 jobs and the attraction of $14 billion in new investment.  The success stories range from start-up firms, to location or expansion of medium and large operations.  He has also assisted government entities like the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Energy in establishing or expanding major facilities.

Bill has specialized in helping communities or regions start-up or rejuvenate economic development organizations.  He is especially excited about Greater Osceola because the partners have a deep desire to improve their already successful working relationship.  As the fastest growing part of the Orlando metro area, Greater Osceola has an opportunity to shape the region’s future.

Bill is a Kansas native and has been a Certified Economic Developer since 1986.


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