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What's in an Impact Report?

Our Comprehensive Economic Development Impact Analysis
Economic Impacts
Our reports and models will determine the relevant direct and indirect economic impacts for your project. Each analysis is customized for the client, however, the list below identifies some of the economic impacts typically calculated by our analyses.
  • Increase in direct and indirect economic output
  • Number of new direct and indirect jobs created
  • Earnings for new direct and indirect workers
  • Number of new workers and total residents moving to the area
  • New taxable sales in the area
  • Number of additional out-of-town visitors to the area
  • New taxable lodging sales in the area
  • New residential and commercial property to be added to local tax rolls
Fiscal Impacts
Based on the economic impact of a project, our reports and models can estimate the fiscal impact – or additional revenues and costs – for all relevant local taxing entities. These taxing entities usually include the city, county, school district, and other special taxing districts. If necessary we can estimate the fiscal impact of the project on the state. The list below identifies some of the fiscal impacts commonly calculated by our analyses.


  • Sales tax
  • Local income tax
  • Property tax
  • City utility revenue
  • Utility franchise fees
  • Hotel occupancy tax
  • Other taxes and user fees
  • Additional state and federal school funding for local school districts


  • Costs of providing services to new workers moving to the area
  • Costs of providing services, including infrastructure, to the new industries
  • Costs of educating the children of new workers moving to the area

Revenues and Costs are calculated for each local taxing entity as appropriate.

Incentive Analysis
In addition to calculating economic and fiscal impacts, our reports and models can provide an analysis of possible incentives under consideration. This analysis will depend entirely on the types of incentives your organization is considering for the project. Some common incentives include property tax abatement, sales tax rebates, tax increment financing districts, loans, and cash incentives. We can customize the report or model to help you analyze incentives in a way that makes sense to you.

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