013 – 01 – Economic Development Secrets – ED Best Practices Round Up

“The worst thing you can do is be introduced to a business owner when there’s a problem.” – Tim Chase, Hutto EDC

In this two episode special, Paul Scheuren and Nicole D’Souza of Impact DataSource discuss economic development advice and other tips shared by the 34 panelists during their Texas Economic Development Best Practices Summits this Spring. This first episode includes discussions on Strategic Plans, Business Retention & Expansion, and Recruitment/Marketing. Check out the excerpt and use the player below to listen to the full episode.

Connecting the business retention and expansion with the recruitment and attraction, one of the things we heard, was about talking to the businesses about their supply chain. Asking the existing businesses in your community, who are their big suppliers or what are the pieces of equipment or materials that they’re always going out and having to get. In one case, they were talking about, “Well, we always have to go to San Antonio for this one type of screw or whatever it is. Well, why don’t we get that company to locate a little bit closer.” So even using that BRE to help drive some of that recruitment activity.

013 – 01:


This episode is a part of a two part series. Be sure to check out Episode 013 – 02.

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