2014 Targeted Employment Area Data Released

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the finalized 2013 annual average unemployment data for metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), cities and counties on Friday April 18, 2014. These data commonly serve as the basis for high unemployment area calculations to determine qualifying targeted employment areas under the EB-5 program throughout the year.

Impact DataSource has published a new national TEA map compiling various data elements. The map is intended to be a useful tool in evaluating a potential site and aggregates BLS, OMB and other data to assist in this process.

This map includes the following data:

  1. 2013 Annual Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Unemployment Data for
    • Statewide Data
    • Metropolitan Area Data
    • County Data
    • City and Town Data (with populations over 25k)
  2. An estimate of 2013 annual unemployment for census tracts using a common census-share calculation that is described on our website.
  3. MSA status according to the Office of Management and Budget for each county.

Each state has its own process to obtain an official certification and may use slightly different data points for the census
tract unemployment calculation. The map is for informational purposes only and its data cannot be submitted to the USCIS or state agencies for purposes of certifying a TEA.

Contact Impact DataSource to obtain our opinion on your site and assistance in obtaining a TEA certification.

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