Daily Archives: June 27, 2016

Flexible but Focused Incentive Policy

If you’ve been following our blog or listening Economic Development Secrets, you know we’ve been talking about strategic plans. As Steve Jenkins points out, economic development strategic plans are likely outdated the day your board signs off on it. So … Read More

ED Secret From 002: Diversifying Your Economy

During last month’s episode of Economic Development Secrets, we asked Steve Jenkins, President of the Fond du Lac County Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, what challenges he was facing within his county. He discussed diversification and why economic developers shouldn’t focus … Read More

003 – Economic Development Secrets- SeonAh Kendall, Fort Collins, CO

  During this month’s episode of Economic Development Secrets, we were joined by SeonAh Kendall, CPA, who serves as the City of Fort Collins Economic Health Manager. Prior to her work for the City of Fort Collins, SeonAh was Business … Read More