Our Economic Development Impact Detailed Report

In a related post, I explained what type of information was included in the Summary Report in Impact DashBoard. Impact DashBoard includes a one-page Summary Report for each taxing district in your analysis but the Detailed Report, consisting of 10-15 pages, serves as the single source for all of the relevant information from the impact analysis.

If you’re familiar with the content in the Summary Report for the city, the Detailed Report simply aggregates this information for all affected local tax districts. In general, the Detailed Report focuses on the economic impact, fiscal impact, and incentive analysis.

The easiest way to wrap your head around what’s in the Detailed Report is to see an outline. Remember the report will remove sections that do not apply to your particular scenario.

  1. Economic Impact Overview
    1. Summary of Economic Impact
      1. Direct, Spin-off, and Total Jobs and Salaries
    2. Summary of Population Impact
      1. Workers relocating
      2. Number of new residents and school students
      3. Number of new homes built
    3. Summary of Taxable Property
      1. New commercial/industrial property by year
      2. New residential property by year
  2. Fiscal Impact Overview
    1. Summary of Fiscal Net Benefits
      1. Benefits, Costs, Net Benefits, and Discounted Net Benefits for each taxing district
  3. Public Support Overview
    1. Value of Public Support Under Consideration
  4. District-by-District Summary
    1. Fiscal Impact
      1. Table and Graph
    2. Public Support
      1. Tax Incentive Analysis
      2. Non-Tax Incentive Analysis
  5. Methodology
  6. Appendix
    1. Year-by-Year calculations for selected calculations

Here are some screenshots of exactly what these sections look like.

Check out the video below to see a walk-through of the Economic Development Impact Detailed Report!

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