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Economic Impact Reports

Economic Analyses (Jobs Reports) for EB-5 Regional Center Projects

An EB-5 Jobs Report

Impact DataSource has over 20 years of experience in regional economic impact analysis. Leveraging this deep experience, we hit the ground running with EB-5 in 2010 and have been sprinting ever since. Impact DataSource is an EB-5 industry leader in economic studies, having prepared more than 500 comprehensive EB-5 economic studies of projects of all shapes, sizes and industries. Our team of economists understand the unique economic analysis requirements of the EB-5 approval process, and continue to provide EB-5 consulting, services and deliverables that reflect the evolving needs of EB-5 clients and the changing requirements of USCIS.

Free Preliminary Job Count Estimate

A Ballpark Job Count

In many cases a preliminary EB-5 economic analysis is a great place to start when planning an EB-5 project. The job creation report is a key component of an EB-5 deal and obtaining a reasonable estimate of the number of jobs to be created early in the process can save a lot of time, money, and heartburn.

Impact DataSource offers an inexpensive preliminary EB-5 economic analysis to assist in planning prospective EB-5 projects.

Our preliminary EB-5 economic analysis will address the following questions

TEA Assessment

TEA Analysis & Opinion Letter

Two Simple Steps
  1. Check your location using our EB-5 TEA Finder & Forecaster
  2. Contact us for additional insights and to prepart a Comprehensive TEA Report

Free TEA Review

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EB-5 Consultation? TEA Review? Prelim Job Count?

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EB-5 Business Plans​

Direct EB-5 and Regional Center Project Business Plans

While most well-known for economic studies, Impact DataSource also provides tailored, USCIS-compliant EB-5 business plans. Similar to economic studies, USCIS has very specific criteria for project business plans. Our team has completed more than 50 EB-5 business plans, for both Regional Center and Direct cases, with 100% USCIS approval rate to-date.

Industry Leader

Impact DataSource is a recognized industry leader in EB-5 and has been recognized multiple times as a top economist in the EB-5 industry.

Additional Eb-5 Services

RFE & NOID Assistance

Difficult RFE? Under a tight deadline?

We are often brought in to help clean up the economic study that was done by a different consultant as part of a Request for Evidence (RFE) or Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID). We understand that these are often time sensitive: we are able to work quickly to help you respond to USCIS in time.

I-924A Assistance

Let us handle the job creation aspect of your annual reporting requirements.

Each year, regional centers are required to file an I-924A. Part of the I-924A involves providing the estimated jobs that the regional center’s projects have created during the year. Our customized reports are created to satisfy that aspect of the I-924A requirement.

I-829 Assistance

Time to prove the jobs were created? We can help.

It’s I-829 time and you need to be ready to prove that the necessary jobs were created. We provide customized reporting to help you with that very important step in ensuring your investors get their green cards.

Short on Jobs? Let us take a closer look at the project specifics to see if more EB-5 eligible jobs can be counted to help meet your investors requirements.

Due Diligence

We check to make sure all of your bases are covered.

Partnering with USAdvisors, we are committed to promoting best practices and overall program awareness to EB-5 investors.

Additionally, Impact DataSource is actively involved in the EB-5 industry. We are a member of the Association to Invest In the USA (IIUSA) EB-5 editorial committee, offering the economist’s perspective for the Regional Center Business Journal and has led economist-related webinars.

Regional Center Set-up

Let us take care of your RC set-up or expansion.

We provide a cost effective, efficient, full-service package to prepare your initial regional center application. Similarly, for existing regional centers, let us handle the whole process for submitting the required documentation for your geographic expansion.