Webinar Recap: Economic Development Incentives Process

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Webinar Recap: Economic Development Incentives Process

Did you miss it?

Well, you’re in luck! Impact DataSource hosted a webinar series on the effective and judicious use of  economic development incentives and we’re sharing the videos and slides right here.

Economic development incentives can be a powerful tool for closing the right project but the incentive process for economic developers should start long before a deal is struck and extend well past the location announcement. The series included an overview of the incentive process including (1) vetting the company, (2) evaluating the deal, and (3) monitoring performance; Strategies to effectively communicate the value of an ED project to bridge the gap between the prospective business and your stakeholders by translating the quantifiable impacts; and approaches to use when negotiating discretionary incentives at the local level.

This encore session, originally prepared for the Texas Economic Development Council, will provide an overview of incentives as a process including: (1) identifying and evaluating possible incentive recipients, (2) evaluating the deal, and (3) monitoring and reporting performance. During this session, Impact DataSource will be joined with Ellen Harpel, Ph.D of Smart Incentives.

Incentives 101 PPT Slides

What are indirect and induced jobs and how do I explain this to my board? This deep dive into economic and fiscal impact analysis will familiarize economic developers with common impact study terms and concepts while demonstrating impact analysis tool built for economic developers.

Impact Analysis PPT Slides

How does an ED organization measure its effectiveness? Monitor. Collect. Analyze. Report. But what type of information should be tracked and how can this information be used to demonstrate the ED organization’s effectiveness? Learn how to appropriately communicate these results to the media, constituents, and your board or community leaders.

Track & Report PPT Slides


1 – One-Page Impact Summary Example.pdf
2 – Impact Analysis – Webinar Series.pdf
3 – Total Impact Report Example.pdf
4 – Local Incentive Agreement Example.pdf

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