Impact DataSource economists configure each Impact DashBoard model with the latest tax rates, demographic data, government budget data, and other parameters. All of this work is cataloged and explained in the organization’s custom User Guide. If a particular scenario demands adjustments to the standard assumptions and data, users are only one click away from getting their hands dirty.

Scenario Assumptions

Impact DashBoard users can refine the standard assumptions for any individual scenario by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the analysis. From here, users can adjust general assumptions as well as individual tax-district level assumptions.

Users won’t accidentally or unknowingly adjust any setting in the model. Users are required to click the “Edit Defaults” button before changes can be made to inputs. Additionally, after an assumption is modified from its default value, the original default value will be shown in a notification below the input. Users can reset inputs by clicking the “Reset Defaults” button in a modified Scenario Assumptions tab.

Example of Changing the Length of Analysis

Users can change time period over which an analysis is run in the General Assumptions settings area. Look for the input called “Scenario Length (Years)” and enter a different time period.

Pro tip: Adjusting assumptions on an individual scenario won’t affect the underlying defaults or other scenarios. It should be noted that modified scenario assumptions will be transferred if you make a copy of the scenario. If you’d like to make a universal change to an assumption so that all future scenarios apply a modified assumption, let us know and we can make that change for you.

User Guide

A custom User Guide will be prepared for each user in the process of researching and configuring their model. The User Guide will list all of the back end data needed prepare an impact analysis in Impact DashBoard. Users can find their User Guide in the My Account section. A direct link to the User Guide will also be displayed next to the gear icon in the upper right corner of a scenario.


Impact DashBoard 101 Series

Impact DashBoard is an online application that allows economic developers to collect, organize, and analyze economic development project data. Impact DashBoard enables users to produce economic and fiscal impact reports, evaluate incentives, and run an unlimited number of scenarios. Learn more about Impact DashBoard here.

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