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Impact DashBoard lets you customize your account with your organization’s specific terminology. Projects can be categorized based on attributes such as Project Type and Industry. Additionally, you can apply one or more user-defined Tags to Projects to identify a specific quality or attribute. Finally, you can also define specific square footage use types to help track development uses.

My Account > Customizations

To create or edit user-defined Project categories, click on the Customization page of the My Account area to find the following items:

  • Project Types
  • Industries
  • Project Tags
  • Square Footage Types

You can rename a specific item by hovering over the line and clicking Rename (pencil icon). You can delete a specific item by hovering over the line and clicking Delete (trash icon). New items can be added by clicking the New button for the specific category.

The number in parentheses after each Project Type, Industry, or Project Tags indicates how many of your Projects have been assigned the given term.

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