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Individual benefit and cost line items can be removed from a Scenario to streamline the resulting reports. Generally speaking, your Impact DashBoard account will be configured so that relevant benefits and costs will be calculated for each Scenario. In some instances, you may choose to remove certain unnecessary line items from the analysis.

For example, you may have an input for “Building Permits & Fees” but, because the Project won’t generate any such fees, you want to remove it from the inputs and the reports.

Follow these steps to remove benefit for the City:

  1. Click on the Settings (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the Scenario Workspace.
  2. Choose the City on the left side tab menu.
  3. Click Edit Defaults at the top of the City page.
  4. Scroll down to the Revenues section and find the Direct Revenue labeled “Building Permits and Fees”.
  5. Un-check the box next to “Building Permits and Fees” to remove the input and benefit from the entire Scenario.
  6. Click on the Scenario Info page to see the corresponding input has been removed.
  7. Click on the Report page to see the benefit line has been removed from the Summary Report and Detailed Report.

All Benefits and Costs have a checkbox that can be unchecked to remove the specific Benefit or Cost.

This change will only apply to the Scenario you are viewing and will not affect previous Projects or Scenarios. Similarly, this change will not affect Scenarios that you create in the future. However, if you create a copy of this Scenario, the copied scenario will included all adjusted Settings.

Note: If you have entered values in the “Building Permits and Fees” input, un-checking the Direct Revenue in Settings will remove the value and input from the Scenario. If you re-check the Direct Revenue in Settings, the value and input will be added back to the scenario. You will not lose the value entered.

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