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Impact DashBoard includes a Project Fact Sheet Report that will summarize all of the key project data you gather with the customized Data Form. You can easily generate a Project Fact Sheet by copying the information from the Data Form into a new Scenario. The Project Fact Sheet is generated instantly when you create the Scenario.

Create a Scenario with Responses Gathered from the Prospect with Impact DashBoard’s Data Form

  1. Navigate to the Data Forms Inbox page of Impact DashBoard to view prospect-submitted data forms.
  2. Click on Assign to Project (box arrow icon) to assign a submitted Data Form to a Project. You will be given the choice to assign the Data Form to an existing Project or to create a new Project.
    • If you choose to assign the Data Form to an existing Project, you will be presented with a modal that includes a dropdown of all existing Projects.
    • If you choose to create a new project for the Data Form, you will be asked to specify a name of the new Project.
  3. Confirm the checkbox is checked next to “Create Scenario using this Data” before clicking next on the modal described in step 2.
  4. Review the prospect’s responses on the Scenario & Company Info page of the Scenario Workspace.
  5. Review the Project Fact Sheet on the Report page of the Scenario Workspace.

Edit Info to Fine Tune the Project Fact Sheet

When you create a Scenario as described above, the prospect’s responses are copied into the Scenario which can be modified as appropriate. You can overwrite or add responses on the Scenario & Company Info page to fine tune the Project Fact Sheet.

You are not able to change the original responses submitted by the prospect in the Data Form. The original Data Form is always saved separately.

Project Fact Sheet Content

Project Fact Sheets are one-page infographic reports that summarize key project details. Unlike the Summary or Detailed Impact Reports, the Project Fact Sheet contains no impact calculations or analysis.

The Project Fact Sheet includes information such as:

  • NAICS Code
  • Square Footage & Use Type
  • Facility Plans
  • Break Ground and Begin Operations Dates
  • Employment, Capital Investment, & Payroll
  • Map, Address, and Site Notes
  • Company Info
  • Details about the Company’s Current Operations

The Project Fact Sheet will include your internally-defined Project Type and Project Industry.

These reports are a concise, one-page overview of the basic project facts.

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