Lesson #4: Soak Up All the Articles and Webinars You Can

One of my biggest regrets is that while a BRE manager, I so infrequently stopped to read helpful articles and sit in on webinars. Many would call this a millennial mindset (even though I would argue fully against it), but it took me some time to come full circle and truly appreciate reading and listening to all the information that I can get my hands on. There are copious amounts of helpful tools readily available for people who look for them. Further, they have really helped me as good refreshers to the basic economic development course and I have a much deeper understanding of the field.

Check out IEDC or your state-wide economic development organization (TEDC, FEDC, CALED) to find current articles and upcoming webinars. Here are some organizations that have helpful blogs, articles, and webinars: Impact DataSourceGolden Shovel Agency, GIS PlanningCommunity SystemsThe Retail Coach, and Smart Incentives. Site selectors are constantly posting updated information that could be invaluable for you. LinkedIn Forums are another great resource to stay plugged in (IEDC Forum). Since the world of economic development is constantly growing and changing, it is truly helpful to stay current on the information out there.


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