Many Uses: A Manufacturer Faced with Possible New Water Restrictions

Recently, a manufacturer in California engaged Impact DataSource to conduct an impact analysis of its facility. The state’s historic drought and recent water restrictions may soon negatively affect the manufacturer, as water plays a vital role in its processing operations. It was important to the client to tell the story and illustrate the value the company represented – not just in terms of the workers employed and sales, but also through the businesses in its supply chain and how all of this activity results in real dollars to the state and local government entities.

In order to tell this story, the company provided information about its plant and Impact DataSource estimated the impact generated by employees spending their earnings in the community and through supplier effects. All of these economic impacts were translated into fiscal net revenues for taxing jurisdictions. Again, we provided a report with all the nerdy detail – but also condensed it down into digestible bullet points, which could be shared with local and state government officials and other stakeholders to illustrate the facility’s outsized impact.


This post is part of a series on the many uses of an economic impact study. These stories represent just a few of our clients and illustrate how they have used our analyses to communicate the value of businesses and/or other organizations in their community. Here’s the full list:

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