TEDC 2016 Session: Economic Development Secrets Live

Ever wonder how your fellow Texas economic developers seem to keep everything straight on this balance beam kind-of-a field that we work in? Economic Development Secrets originated as a podcast series to help economic developers share their victories, trials, and tribulations. After a few months of rising success, we would like to introduce Economic Development Secrets Live. This particular “episode” consists of three Texas economic developers who share some tricks of the trade in communicating impacts of projects with their council and board, and how they have determined incentive packages by analyzing different payback periods. As economic and fiscal impact specialists, Impact DataSource explains how this project view goes beyond reporting on job count and regional GDP.


Danielle Scheiner, Deputy Director, Greater Conroe EDC

Kris Collins, Senior VP – ED, Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce

Jorge Quirino, Special Projects Coordinator, Lubbock EDA


Banner Photo Credit: FreeImages.com/Andrzej Pobiedzinski

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