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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Spice up the Project Description

We can enhance the Project Description to include the following formatting elements: bold text, a list,  and tables. Here’s how we would write out our information using Markdown:

This analysis evaluates the impact of a proposed **252-room full-service hotel** to be developed at a **cost of $73.9 million**. The hotel is expected to create **230 new jobs**. The hotel's construction cost was estimated using information from the annual HVS Cost Survey for a full-service hotel. The cost of $293,000 per room includes costs for building and improvements, soft costs, and furniture, fixtures, and equipment. 

##### Operations
The hotel’s lodging sales and spending by visitors throughout the community result in significant local sales tax revenue and hotel occupancy taxes. This report relies on the following information about the proposed hotel:
* 252 Rooms
* 65% Occupancy Rate
* $200 Average Daily Rate

The hotel’s annual lodging sales are expected to be approximately $11.96 million per year

| **Hotel Details** | **Amount** | 
| :--------- | -----------: | 
| Lodging Sales | $11,957,400 | 
| Hotel Occupancy Taxes (7%) | $837,018 | 

The hotel's other taxable sales - on food and beverage sales for example - are estimated to be 35% of lodging sales or $4.2 million per year. In addition, this analysis includes $50 of taxable spending per occupied hotel night to account for offsite visitor spending.

| **Other Spending & Sales** | **Amount** | 
| :--------- | -----------: | 
| Other Hotel Sales | $4,185,090 | 
| Offsite Visitor Spending | $2,989,350 | 

Now that we’ve entered in the correct information with Markdown, let’s click the preview tab in the Description box to make sure that everything is formatted correctly:

Perfect! We can now see our correctly formatted Public Support Description in our Detailed Report: 

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