064 – Economic Development Secrets – J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio

Our guest this week is J.P. Nauseef the President and CEO of JobsOhio. JobsOhio is a private economic development corporation that focuses on driving job creation and new capital investment in the state of Ohio. In this episode we’ll hear about how J.P., a US Air Force veteran, got into economic development and learn about the unique structure of the JobsOhio organization. We’ll learn how JobsOhio calculates the ROI on their efforts. And I will, of course, ask about the Jobs Ohio billboards that popped up in Austin and other cities across the US trying to capitalize on pandemic-related migration. And be sure to listen to the end where J.P. shares details on the $20 billion Intel chip manufacturing project announced earlier this year. 

About J.P. Nauseef

J.P. Nauseef is a U.S. Air Force veteran, entrepreneur, and the president and chief executive officer of JobsOhio, a uniquely structured, private, economic development corporation that gives Ohio a competitive advantage in driving job creation and new capital investment in the State. He leads a team of nine targeted industry sector veterans, plus military and economic development specialists responsible for business and government installation retention, attraction, and expansion efforts statewide.   


Since joining JobsOhio in March of 2019, J.P. has led initiatives that: increased average annual impact investments more than 65% to over $530M; closed more than 1,069 project deals (a 29% increase from the prior three years); secured more than 76K high-paying Ohio jobs (a +9% increase over the same period); and earned world-class ratings for corporate customer service satisfaction (an 85 Net Promoter Score). In addition, he worked with The DeWine/Husted Administration and his JobsOhio Board to launch 12 major initiatives to foster innovation, prepare project-ready sites, develop and retain Ohio’s world-class workforce, and promote inclusive development that make the State more competitive nationally. Under his leadership, JobsOhio moved from worst to first in convincing Intel to build its $20B – $100B next-generation semiconductor factories in Ohio, potentially the largest economic development project undertaken by a single American company in U.S. history. His current sights are set on the semiconductor supply chain, life sciences, technology, industry 4.0, and much, much more. 


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