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We can all agree that there are no limits to how diverse businesses can be. However, whether the business is solar panels, retail stores, theme parks, or movies, Impact DataSource has analyzed it all. Of course, it would be an overstatement to say we are experts in all industries, but we are experts in economic and fiscal impact analysis, and like most economists, we are adept at finding the common underlying factors for all business that then allows us to leverage our expertise in each unique industry.

Types of projects
Below is a list of just some of the types of businesses or project’s we’ve analyzed.

Cheese processing plant Plastics manufacturer
Dairy Space related company
Livestock farm Natural gas processing facility/ethylene cracker
Livestock feed manufacturer Oil and LNG terminal
Meat packing plant Oil processing facility
Vehicle maintenance facility Pipeline company
Wal-Mart distribution facility Biotechnology company
Wholesale/Distributer Technology Incubator
College or University Department store
Infrastructure project Hotel
Long distance service provider Mixed-use residential and commercial development
Road project Printing company
State office building Restaurant (All types Fast Food, Fast Casual, Sit-down, Upscale)
Hospital Shopping center
Long-term health care facility Wal-Mart store
Air conditioning equipment manufacturer Civic and convention center
Baseball/sports training facility Minor league baseball team
Industrial park Race track
Light fixtures manufacturer Safari Park
Manufacturers of nearly all types Theater
Mobile home manufacturer Water Park

Let’s be clear, it’s certainly not all “off-the-shelf” simple. We customize each study to the particular community and project, consider the local demographics, municipalities’ budgets and taxing structures, connectivity to other locations, amount of resources that will be imported from outside the community, and the project-specific inputs like capital investment, employee profile, and industry specific multipliers, naming only a few. Plus every client has a unique purpose for their study that we consider. For example, the client may want to know how the project fits in with the wider economic development efforts of a community, they may want to assess the revenues the project will generate net of a tax incentive, or they may be applying for a special economic development grant that requires a specific type of analysis. We take it all into account.

Where we’ve worked
That being said, if you have any doubts, check out the list and map for a sample of the types and locations of studies we have done. The darker the color on the map, the more studies we have done. Impact DataSource has performed thousands of economic and fiscal impact analyses that have run the gamut from a race track in Texas to a hospital in Connecticut, and an oil terminal in Alaska. We’ve been everywhere man!



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