What We're Reading 2/1/15

What’s worth reading this week?

Fracking and Local Job Creation?

A really insightful article on jobs created by the recent fracking boom which raises issues we deal with every day.  “[A] geographic blindness obscures our view of fracking jobs. Where do the workers extracting gas in Pennsylvania or Ohio live and spend their money? Where are the best jobs located?” My take: It’s hard to argue with most of what is discussed but companies are making investments in the fracking areas and some of the economic benefits will be felt as these downstream facilities come on line. Also, over time it is likely that local companies and workers will be better able to supply the services and labor needed and you won’t see as many transient workers. Possible health risks aside, New York’s decision to ban fracking will only put it further behind on this curve.



The Real Reason People Keep Plagiarizing Tom Petty

Born too late? Sam Smith says he hadn’t heard Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” when he penned “Stay With Me”. There is a beauty to simple songwriting – you can claim the copyright for other simple songs later…



The Geography of NFL Fans

I guess Dallas really is America’s team? I wish there was a way to show the intensity of NFL team support in this map.





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