Today, we’re starting with the basics of Impact DashBoard.

Log in to Impact DashBoard

You can login to Impact DashBoard at or

You’ll need to enter your Username OR Email Address and your password. Each user will receive an email message with your organization’s username and the email address associated with the account. This message will also include an activation link that allows the user to establish their password. Although you may login using the app owner’s email address or username, there is only one password.

View the Projects Page

After you log in to Impact DashBoard, you’ll land on the Projects page. On the Projects page users are be able to create new projects as well as view and organize existing projects.

Clicking on the New Project button allows users to specify a project name and create a new project.

Projects can be organized into two lists, Active Projects and Archived Projects.

Clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of a project’s bar allows users to Edit the Project Name, Archive/Restore the Project, or Delete the Project.

The Active Projects and Archived Projects lists are a simple way to organize projects. Archived projects are fully editable and will not be deleted or removed. Just think of the Archive as another place to store old Projects that you don’t need on the Active list but don’t want to delete.

My Account Page

The My Account page can be accessed by clicking the text link in the upper right-hand corner of Impact DashBoard.

The My Account page includes several pieces of general information and allows several actions. The My Account page allows you to:

  • view and change your contact information,
  • create, change, or view your username,
  • change your password,
  • upload your logo to include on the Impact DashBoard reports,
  • download your user guide, and
  • create and edit TIF district profiles.


Impact DashBoard 101 Series

Impact DashBoard is an online application that allows economic developers to collect, organize, and analyze economic development project data. Impact DashBoard enables users to produce economic and fiscal impact reports, evaluate incentives, and run an unlimited number of scenarios. Learn more about Impact DashBoard here.

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