So we’ve entered the project-specific information into the Scenario Info page and viewed the DashBoard results but now we want to see the printable reports included in Impact DashBoard

Summary Report

The Summary Report is a tax district-specific report summarized down to a single page – a one-page report for the city, for example. The Summary Report includes all of the key aspects of the analysis – the jobs impact, the additional revenues and costs for the government, and incentive analysis if appropriate. Can’t get enough of these one-page reports? Check out this blog post for a full discussion.

Bonus Tip: Scroll to the bottom of the Summary Report page to generate a one-page report for a different entity.

Detailed Report

One page reports have their place, but sometimes you need to go DEEP! In those instances, we have the Detailed Report that includes all of the tax entities in one document. This report will be around 15 pages depending on the specific scenario. The Detailed Report includes some summary tables that show the total fiscal impact across all districts or the total Public Support included in the scenario. Read this post on the Detailed Report for an outline of the content contained in the report.

Bonus Tip: Check out the taxable property table to see how the capital investment has translated into taxable property so you can make sure the property tax calculations are coming through as expected.


Impact DashBoard 101 Series

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