We have covered the basics of the app in our series but now we’re getting to the real meat and potatoes of Impact DashBoard – the Scenario Info page. The Scenario Info pages allows users to enter project-specific information and preview the results in a DashBoard as you enter the data.

Scenario Info Data Inputs

The Scenario Info page includes sections for all project-specific information in your analysis. The General Info tab of the Scenario Info page will pull up a window with inputs for basic information about the project. In the General Info window you are able to specify:

  • a scenario name,
  • a project description that will appear in the report,
  • the location of the project,
  • the NAICS code and economic impact multipliers used in the scenario.

Other inputs on the Scenario Info page are broken out into individual sections. Major criteria include Jobs, Salaries, and Capital Investment. The user can specify a phase-in or ramp up for hiring, capital investment, or any input. By default, we show a five-year time horizon for inputs. Users can access the entire time period by clicking on the arrow below year 5 in each section.

Scenario Info DashBoard

As you enter the project-specific information on the left side of the Scenario Info page, you’ll see the results calculate on the right side DashBoard. In the DashBoard you can see the jobs and other economic impacts calculated on the left. On the right side of the DashBoard, you can view a high-level summary of the Benefits, Costs, and Net Benefits from the project. You can view this data for multiple districts and view the year-by-year data as a graph or a table.


Impact DashBoard 101 Series

Impact DashBoard is an online application that allows economic developers to collect, organize, and analyze economic development project data. Impact DashBoard enables users to produce economic and fiscal impact reports, evaluate incentives, and run an unlimited number of scenarios. Learn more about Impact DashBoard here.

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