Impact DashBoard New Features

Hey DashBoarders! We’re back at you with some new features. Below is a list and explanation of what’s to come. There’s also an EXPLANATION VIDEO, if you’d prefer. Of course, we always love to hear from you so feel free to give us a call if you’d like a one-on-one run-through. As always, don’t be shy to give us feedback; we certainly want to know what can be improved and what you’d like to see added next.

Formatting:  Fresh new look! Always striving to make it increasingly easier to navigate and digest.

Project to Scenario:  The distinction of a “project” versus a “scenario” is a little more clear now as they are both listed with the scenarios easily viewed under their respective projects.

Archive:   When you are done with a project, you can archive it so it’s not on the main page of you DashBoard. You can still access the archived projects by clicking the button at the top right for archived projects, and you can also restore them back to your main page if you want. Just helping you keep things tidy!

Walk-Through:  When you start up a new project, you will be greeted with a pop-up of the project’s “General Info”. From there you will click “Continue” whereby you will proceed to fill in the scenario’s information through each section that are presented as a list of items that can be opened like an accordion. You can always go back to that first General Info section by clicking on the white General Info title at the top of the list.

5 v 10 Years:  Now the default is to show 5 years of inputs. You can still open up the full 10 years but clicking the double arrow below year 5 if you want to do 10 years. Ten years worth of data will always be calculated, no matter how many years of data you include.

Data Request:  Saving you from a long game of phone-tag, you can now send your Prospects a link to fill in their own project’s data. You can preview the data request form, include a personal message to the Prospect, you will be copied on the request via email, as well as be notified once they’ve completed it. Once they submit their data you can view it, print it, and of course run it in your analysis. Easy-peasy!

Public Support:  Incentives and abatements can now be evaluated for each district, individually so nobody feels left out.

Assumptions:  Using the gear icon at the top right of the page, you can view and modify the assumptions, both project-wide, as well as per district.

Browser Note:  Please use Google Chrome as your browser; Internet Explorer will have some issues and we don’t plan on addressing this since it’s so easy to download Chrome and Explorer (as we know it) is on its way out.




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