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The Data Form Wizard is a central feature of Impact DashBoard. The feature enables you to gather economic development project and company information electronically in an engaging, dynamic, and well-designed wizard. As an integrated Impact DashBoard feature, a completed Data Form enables instant analysis with no need to re-enter information in a separate system. 

Data Form Wizard Structure

The Impact DashBoard Data Form Wizard methodically and dynamically walks a prospect through the information needed about their economic development project, skipping irrelevant inputs and eliminating confusion.

The following resources are provided on this page to help you get acquainted with the Data Form Wizard structure:

  1. Data Form Wizard Flow Chart
  2. Major Section Summary
  3. List of All Available Inputs

1. Data Form Wizard Flow Chart

The Graphic below illustrates the Data Form Wizard branching logic.

2. Major Section Summary


The Welcome section includes three introductory screens to introduce the Data Form and collect some basic information about the prospect and the project.

First, prospects are presented with a Welcome screen that your organization can configure with a custom message.

The next screen asks who is completing the data form.

The software is saving the information as soon as it is entered and the prospect will get an email with a unique link to return to the data form if the prospect happens to close their browser before submitting the form.

One last question is asked before the Wizard is configured: Does the project represent a new business or an existing business?

Project Info

Now, based on the prospect’s responses the Wizard will present questions about the planned project. In the case of an existing businesses, the Wizard will ask about the company’s current operations and their expansion plans in two distinct sections.

Supporting Details

The Wizard includes two opportunities to collect additional documents or other background about the project after collecting project-specific information.

Company Info

The next section gathers information about the company behind the project. Questions about the company are not presented until the end of the process to maintain a project-first focus for the Data Form Wizard.


The Review section of the Data Form Wizard presents a bullet-point summary and single page data form view. The prospect can modify any section they choose directly from this page.

The Data Summary view repeats the information provided about the project in a clean, easy to read bullet point format to clarify and confirm everything that has been entered as intended.

The Raw Data view presents the Data Form and responses as a single page with each section appearing exactly as it appeared in the Wizard.

3. List of All Available Inputs

Welcome Inputs

WelcomeCustom Welcome Message with your branding  
The BasicsCollect Name, Email, and Role  
New or ExistingDetermine New or Existing Business  

Project Info Inputs

Plans* Lease space with Renovations
* Lease Space – Build to Suit
* Land Purchase and Construction of a New Building
* Purchase of Existing Building with Renovations
* Addition to Existing Building already Owned
* Other  
Timeline* Break Ground/Begin Reno Date
* Begin Operations Date  
Site* Address
* Site Requirements  
Square FootageSF by use type (Office, Warehouse, Manufacturing, etc.)
Customize the use types  
Products & IndustryService or Product Produced Locally
Main Service or Product Produced Companywide
Primary NAICS Code  
JobsJobs including phase in
Multi-year phase in accepted  
SalariesAverage Annual Wages
Multi-year increases accepted  
Positions & WagesAccept a table of Positions, Headcounts, & Wages  
BenefitsBenefits Offered
* Paid Time Off
* Health Insurance
* Other Insurance (Dental, Vision, Life, or Disability)
* Retirement
* Tuition Reimbursement
* Other
Average Annual Value of Employer-Provided Benefits
Eligibility Requirements  
Capital Investment* Acquisition Price of Land
* Building Investment
* FF&E Investment  
InventoriesTaxable Inventories, if applicable  
Local Sales TaxTaxable Purchases and Sales, if applicable  
Hotel Nights/ Visitors* Number of Hotel Nights
* Average Cost of Hotel Night
* Other Visitor Spending  

Supporting Detail Inputs

Additional BackgroundCustomizable text area to request add’l info  
Attach DocumentsRequest specific documents to be uploaded  

Company Info Inputs

Company Info* Company Name
* Company HQ Address
* Parent Company
* Company Website  
Company Background* Year Established
* State of Formation
* Business Structure
* Ownership  
Employment DistributionWorkers employed
* State
* World  
Point of Contact* Name
* Title
* Phone
* Email  

Review/Edit Inputs

Review/EditData Summary View
Raw Data View  


SubmitConfirm Submission
Data Form can be viewed but not edited  

Current Operations Inputs

When Applicable

Current OperationsCurrent Address
* Own
* Lease
* Other  
Square FootageSF by use type (Office, Warehouse, Manufacturing, etc.)
Customize the use types  
Products & IndustryService or Product Produced Locally
Primary NAICS Code  
Jobs & SalariesCurrent Jobs and Average Annual Wages Paid  
PropertyMarket Value of
* Land
* Buildings
* FF&E
* Taxable Inventories  
Other Activity* Taxable Purchases
* Taxable Sales
* Hotel Nights  
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