Secret from 020: Creating Economic Base Jobs

Mark Lautman, President at Lautman Economic Architecture, joined us on this month’s episode of Economic Development Secrets where he shared with us methods of creating economic base jobs. Check out the snippet below.

In other words, we’ve included all of the potential program efforts that one could conceive of to create economic base jobs, for example, and there’s nine.

There’s recruiting and expanding employers and retaining them. There’s starting them up, entrepreneurship and accelerator business. There’s tourism, the visitor theater, and there’s five sub-theaters of the visitor theater. There’s the leisure visitor, there’s the short term and long term leisure visitor, there’s the short term and long term business, and then there’s the drive-by – people driving through town, stopping to get a hotel room or a tank of gas. The fourth one is agriculture, fifth one is film and digital media, sixth one is energy and extractives. Seventh would be the federal government, as long as it’s federal government jobs in excess of what your region’s share of the federal government employment is. So if you have an Air Force base, you probably have more employment per capita, federal employment per capita than the average community, so anything you add in that sector is economic base. You also have … film and digital media, and solo work and retirement. So those are the nine.

To listen to the full episode of the podcast, use the player below:

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