ED Secret

Secret from 045: Tracking Incentive Compliance Metrics

This month’s podcast special guest is Burdette (Pete) Fullerton, Assistant Director of Commercial Properties & Development with the Kansas City Aviation Department. He discusses why it is vital for economic developers to measure and track incentive compliance metrics: Well, the … Read More

Secret from 044: Measuring Economic Development Metrics

This month’s podcast special guest is Christian Fletcher, Executive Director of the Marble Falls EDC. He discusses what economic development metrics his organization measures and shares how he shares them with stakeholders: Well, I’m kind of a data nerd and … Read More

Secret from 043: Prioritizing Broad-Based Prosperity

This month’s podcast special guest is Phoebe Fleming, Director of Research at the Orlando Economic Partnership. She shares economic development tactics and programs that her organization has adopted to promote their goal of broad-based prosperity: We have new opportunities and … Read More

Secret from 042: Creating A Foreign Direct Investment Strategy

This month’s podcast special guest is Shelby Glover Zaricor, Director of Business Development at the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce. She shares their foreign direct investment (FDI) strategy: We have over 50 companies that represent about 20 countries currently that … Read More

Secret from 040: Creating A Workforce Development Job Fair

This month’s podcast special guest is Matt Wavering, Director of Project Development for the Rockwall EDC. He shares how their annual community-wide job fair came to fruition: We have a lot of different industries here, and rather than targeting a … Read More

Secret from 039: Prioritizing Business Assistance

This month’s podcast special guest is Andrew Stork, Operations Manager for the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA). He shares why it is so important to prioritize assisting your local businesses: We treat [our role] as if we are this … Read More

Secret from 037: Executing A Corporate Diversity Strategy

This month’s podcast special guest is Tracye McDaniel, President at TIP Strategies and also this year’s Chair of the International Economic Development Council. She shares why it is so important to assist your local businesses in executing a corporate diversity … Read More

Secret from 036: Utilizing Site Capacity Studies

This month, Rachel Ray, Economic Development Administrator for the City of Dublin, Ohio, shares with the audience about her work with Site Capacity Studies: We realized it was really important for us to have a clear understanding of what the … Read More

Secret from 035: The Burleson Works Program

This month, Alex Philips, Economic Development Manager for the City of Burleson, shared information about their Burleson Works program: Burleson Works was kind of born from when we started a manufacturing and industrial alliance where we meet every three months … Read More

Secret from 033: Developing a Mutually Beneficial Incentive Package

This month, Amy Madison,¬†Executive Director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation, shared her economic development secrets with the audience. Among many helpful pieces of advice, Amy shares how she builds a mutually beneficial incentive package for both the company and … Read More