This month’s podcast special guest is Andrew Stork, Operations Manager for the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA). He shares why it is so important to prioritize assisting your local businesses:

We treat [our role] as if we are this extension of every business in the area and that we’re trying to help them see what value can be created through more investment in economic development. And so our biggest secret really is just being kind of a central intelligence and being very proactive about getting out there, getting to know what’s going on, getting to know a business’ need.

Also, being proactive with a lot of the strategic planning goals that we’ve established. We put a three year strategic plan in place in our, and it’s a thought out plan, it’s highly comprehensive and it really outlines sort of what as a community do we want to have our economy look like three years from now? And then three years after that, what do we want to do? How are we continuing to build on that? I’d say our secret is that we are just highly coordinated and highly active and that in this industry you just got to kind of stick to that “go, go, go” pace.

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