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Secret from 028: Creating a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Michelle Geller, Economic Development Manager for the city of Escondido, CA, joined us on this month’s episode of Economic Development Secrets. She shares how implementing a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) has been very successful in her community and has … Read More

Secret from 026: Recognizing Success in Your Business Community

This month, Jackie Keliiaa, Senior Economic Development Analyst for the East Bay EDA, discusses their exciting annual event that recognizes successes in their business community. The East Bay Innovation Awards was created to be a regional marker, sort of a tool … Read More

Secret from 025: Partnering with Local Utility Companies

During this month’s episode of Economic Development Secrets, Bryan Brackemyre, Vice President of Member Services at the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) shares how your EDO can create a constructive partnership with your local utility companies. Economic development is a … Read More

Secret from 024: Educating the Future Workforce

This month Kelly Kinsey Overby, Business Retention & Expansion Director for the Longview, TX EDC, shares information about a program that she created called Career Choices which educates students on career opportunities within their community. I created a program called … Read More

Secret from 023: Cultivating Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

This month’s podcast episode features David Camerlengo, Trade and Investment Commissioner for North America for Queensland, Australia. David shares about their Hot DesQ program for start ups to have a cultivating environment. Check out the snippet below: There’s one program, which … Read More

Secret from 022: Optimizing Your Business Community’s Web Presence

Tony Giovaniello, President of the Economic Development Corporation of Shasta County (Shasta EDC), joined us on this month’s episode of Economic Development Secrets. Tony discusses their recently executed Project Hometown, where his organization is encouraging and aiding all the businesses in … Read More

Secret from 021: Preparing for Economic Development’s Future

Carlton Schwab, President/CEO of the Texas Economic Development Council, joined us on this month’s episode of Economic Development Secrets, and shared what he believes is the future of economic development and how professionals need to grow and adapt with the … Read More

Secret from 020: Creating Economic Base Jobs

Mark Lautman, President at Lautman Economic Architecture, joined us on this month’s episode of Economic Development Secrets where he shared with us methods of creating economic base jobs. Check out the snippet below. In other words, we’ve included all of … Read More

Secret from 017: Analyzing Your Local Economy

Jenny Philip, Director of Research at the Greater Houston Partnership, shared with Economic Development Secrets listeners how her team analyzes their local economy and what outlets they use to collect the necessary research. We analyze a multitude of indicators. This … Read More

Secret from 016: Bi-State Economic Development

Michael Collins, President and CEO of Port KC, manages economic development efforts in Kansas City, which has two states within the city limits. Conducting bi-state economic development can be tricky, so Michael shares some of the trials and triumphs that … Read More