Secret from 024: Educating the Future Workforce

This month Kelly Kinsey Overby, Business Retention & Expansion Director for the Longview, TX EDC, shares information about a program that she created called Career Choices which educates students on career opportunities within their community.

I created a program called Career Choices in East Texas where I presented to about 1,000 kids a year. We were trying to create that pipeline to educate students on the different types of jobs that are available to them working with our local companies and not just those four-year-degree pathways. A lot of companies actually presented with me because we also have a human resource alliance group that we work with. Meeting with those HR groups is part of my job, as well, so that we know what the needs are in our community. And then with our BRE program, we work really hard to meet with our CEOs and plant managers at least once a year, so that we know their needs and what’s going on with them. If something arises during that yearly break, then of course we meet with them much faster. And then we continue the relationships with the HR managers as well. We find it very important to keep those relationships growing at all times.

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