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“Having been a client of Impact DataSource for over 13 years, I have utilized both the desktop model and the online Impact DashBoard. While the desktop version was very useful, I have found that the Impact DashBoard provides quicker and easier results among many other advantages.”
-Joey Grisham, Rowlett, TX Economic Development

Total Impact Users –

Interested in all the hype surrounding our web-based model, Impact DashBoard? Here’s some more information to help you determine whether this user-friendly tool is right for you.

Features you’ll gain by switching to Impact DashBoard:

  • Simplified, user-friendly interface
  • Send and receive data forms to prospects from within the model
  • Search NAICS codes by number or industry title
  • Easily organize projects and scenarios
  • Access your files from anywhere you have Internet access
  • Real time graph updates as you input data
  • Ditch that pesky registration key

Total Impact Users FAQ

What is the fee for Impact DashBoard and how does it compare to Total Impact?
Your fee will not change by switching to Impact DashBoard.

Is there training and support like we currently get with Total Impact?
Yes! We can provide training and we continue to offer unlimited support. Collaborating on projects is even easier with Impact DashBoard because we can log in and view your project with you. No more uploading model files back to us.

Can more than one person in our office use Impact DashBoard at the same time?
Yes. There’s no limit to the number of users logged in to the account at the same time.

Can I have both Total Impact and Impact DashBoard?
No. For everyone’s sanity, we’re offering one model per client.

How soon can I switch to Impact DashBoard?
Send an email to Nicole D’Souza – [email protected] – confirming you’d like to switch and we’ll take it from there. It may take us about 2-3 weeks before we’ve built your custom model in Impact DashBoard. Once we’re all set on our side, we’ll send you an activation email and you’ll be off to the races.

To learn more about Impact DashBoard on your own, you can check out our website as well as the interactive demo. We also offer monthly webinar demos of Impact DashBoard. If you have any other questions, please reach out to Paul Scheuren ([email protected]) or Nicole D’Souza ([email protected]).

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