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EB-5 Sneak Peek Map for 2019

TEA SNEAK PEEK for Census Tract Unemployment Rate: What you want to know for EB-5 Project TEA Certification – looking ahead For the third year in a row, we are providing the EB-5 TEA Sneak Peek Map to help our … Read More

TEAs: What you need to know in 2016

If you missed our webinar on targeted employment areas then you’re in luck. We posted a recording of the webinar and a number of links referenced in the webinar. Slides Changes on the Horizon: Discussions of Looming EB-5 Reform – … Read More

2016 Targeted Employment Area Data Released

There’s no shortage of EB-5 news with the IIUSA Conference kicking off tomorrow. The industry is still digesting the most recent congressional hearings on TEAs and the SEC’s movement against Jay Peak, but add another important item for EB-5 stakeholders … Read More

When do states release updated TEA data?

***Updated March 2, 2016*** At some point in the next few months, most states will be replacing CY14 TEA data with CY15. First, why do we care when a state updates TEA data? In short, TEA-eligibility for a project can change … Read More

EB-5 TEAs – Catching up (and looking ahead)

  With the recent legislative maneuverings occupying the EB-5 world, perhaps lost in the shuffle are some key data items and considerations that will impact TEAs going forward. These updates are important under both the current regulations and also for … Read More

When do states release updated TEA data?

***Updated May 13, 2015*** The majority of states have completed their annual data update and are now using 2014 annual data. For those dedicated and loyal readers of the Impact DataSource TEA blogs, you may have noticed a recurring theme: … Read More

2015 Targeted Employment Area Data Released

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the finalized 2014 annual average unemployment data for metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), cities and counties late last month. These data commonly serve as the basis for high unemployment area calculations to determine qualifying targeted employment … Read More

I can get you a TEA by 3 o’clock this afternoon, with nail polish.

How long will it take to get my TEA letter? Determining whether or not a project is located in a targeted employment area (TEA) is often one of the first questions that stakeholders for a potential EB-5 project will ask. … Read More

Census Block Groups Provide Another TEA Option

The important initial step of determining if your EB-5 project might be TEA-eligible can often be frustrating. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, it seems impossible to make a reasonable TEA. When the most common way of obtaining a … Read More