Lesson #2: Keep Your Data and Website Current

I can’t stress this enough: in the world of economic development data and statistics change fast. Really fast. In fact, by the time you update your website, you have probably received new info and need to change it again. I know you’ve all heard this one before, but your website is THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL for making a good first impression with prospects. Do you know how many potential projects you are losing before even having a single conversation, only because they couldn’t find what they were looking for on your website?

Here’s what I recommend: Download IEDC EDRP’s Data Standards Worksheet and fill it out completely. It is very detailed, but will be a great project for your team to work on together. Post it in an easily accessible area on your website. The result will be a double win: your team will know your community better, and your prospects will be much more impressed and satisfied having all of that helpful information at their fingertips. Although you should only worry about doing a full update to these data standards once a year, be sure to read through your website at least once a month to check that certain data is still current such as occupancy rates, major employers, and developments.

You can find more information on IEDC’s Data Standards here.

To download the data standards worksheet, follow the link here.


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