What We're Reading 2/8/15

On tap this week – food, art, and exercise.

The History of Chipotle

This is a really interesting look back at the beginning of Chipotle, its relationship with McDonalds, and now its independence as a public company.  The Bloomberg site and the presentation of this article is really engaging, I can’t describe it but I haven’t seen any other site like it.


See also:  The Chipotle effect: Why America is obsessed with fast casual food



Creator or Buyer: Who really owns the art?

You bought it, you can do what you want with it, right? Well not if it is art. This is an interesting article on a topic I honestly hadn’t given much thought to.



The “optimal dose of jogging is light”

The results suggest that the “optimal dose of jogging is light, and strenuous joggers and sedentary non-joggers have similar mortality rates.”

The quote above might sound like comforting news to the couch potato – moderate, light exercise is better than strenuous lengthy workouts. But before you settle back in to that couch a full read might be in order.  “The ideal amount of jogging for prolonged life, this nuanced analysis showed, was between 1 hour and 2.4 hours each week. And the ideal pace was slow.” Slow is not defined, but light jogging appears to be defined as 60 to 144 minutes per week – that doesn’t sound so light to me! But a closer analysis of the study by Justin Wolfers points out that running too much isn’t really going to kill you and “most Americans need to worry about exercising too little, not too much”. Touché.





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