Potential TEA Definitions: The Most Recently Proposed Legislation (July 2017)

Update Aug 1, 2017: See our full article in the IIUSA Regional Center Business Journal on page 30. Though very unlikely to actually expire, the EB-5 Regional Center Program is again set to sunset in the coming fall and the … Read More

EB-5 TEAs: What You Need to Know in 2017

New unemployment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics means new Targeted Employment Area (TEA) calculations for state agencies. What does all this mean for EB-5 projects seeking TEA designations in 2017? We held a webinar to discuss what these … Read More

Annual TEA Map Release & TEA Webinar

EB-5 Updates & Release of Our Annual EB-5 TEA Map The EB-5 world is even more frenzied than usual this April. Typical April activity includes the annual IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference, which kicks off today, and the data shuffle by … Read More

EB-5 TEA Sneak Peek Map Launched

TEA SNEAK PEEK for Census Tract Unemployment Rates: What you want to know for EB-5 Project Certification in 2017 It’s that time of year again where our clients start to ask us: will our EB-5 project still qualify as a … Read More

New TEA Definitions Proposed in December 2016

Another Round of TEA Proposals The future definitions of Targeted Employment Areas (“TEAs”) still hangs in the balance as both potential regulatory changes and new legislation continue to make the rounds. Right now, the EB-5 community is in a tizzy about … Read More

TEAs: What you need to know in 2016

If you missed our webinar on targeted employment areas then you’re in luck. We posted a recording of the webinar and a number of links referenced in the webinar. Slides Changes on the Horizon: Discussions of Looming EB-5 Reform – … Read More

Don't be an April Fool: Cross your TEA before you dot your I-526

In addition to preparing EB-5 jobs reports and obtaining TEA letters, we offer EB-5 economics due diligence services. As a part of this service, we review the business plan, economic impact study, and the TEA letter for consistency and point … Read More

2016 Targeted Employment Area Data Released

There’s no shortage of EB-5 news with the IIUSA Conference kicking off tomorrow. The industry is still digesting the most recent congressional hearings on TEAs and the SEC’s movement against Jay Peak, but add another important item for EB-5 stakeholders … Read More

Changes on the Horizon: The TEA Overhaul That Almost Happened, Part 3

 Today we conclude our deep look into the TEA Overhaul proposed in Discussion Draft MDM15J40, as introduced in Part 1 here. In Part 2, we discussed three of the five new types of Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs): Military Base Areas, … Read More

When do states release updated TEA data?

***Updated March 2, 2016*** At some point in the next few months, most states will be replacing CY14 TEA data with CY15. First, why do we care when a state updates TEA data? In short, TEA-eligibility for a project can change … Read More