Complete Video Demo of Impact DashBoard

If you want a lot of information about Impact DashBoard or just need a quick refresher, we’ve got you covered.

Watch the full series of videos to get a complete demo of Impact DashBoard or jump to the specific topic of interest.

  1. Impact DashBoard by Impact DataSource
  2. Project Background and Entering the Basics
  3. Entering Jobs, Salaries, and Capital Investment
  4. Calculating Taxable Value from Capital Investment
  5. Scenario Info DashBoard
  6. Public Support
  7. Summary Report
  8. Detailed Report
  9. Printing Reports
  10. Change the Length of Analysis
  11. Add a Custom Revenue Line Item
  12. TIF Districts
  13. Project Control Center
  14. Tag Projects and Upload Documents
  15. Projects Overview

For more information on Impact DashBoard, check out our product page or contact Nicole – [email protected] or 469.917.8874

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