Analyze a Hotel Tax Incentive

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Impact DashBoard allows you to model a hotel tax incentive in the context of the impact of a project. Here are the basic steps required to model a hotel tax incentive.

  1. Enter Project-specific information into the Scenario Info page to generate a basic impact report xlinkx.
  2. Click on the Public Support page within the Scenario Workspace.
  3. Click on the tab corresponding to the Taxing District that will provide the hotel tax incentive. For example, click on the City tab to model a hotel tax incentive from the City.
  4. Scroll down to the section called Hotel Tax Rebate.
  5. Choose the hotel tax incentive terminology that is appropriate for your situation
    • Abatement
    • Exemption
    • Rebate
    • Reimbursement
  6. Specify the hotel tax incentive schedule over the time period.
  7. The value of the hotel tax incentive will be calculated on the right and throughout the Reports.

Read more about hotel tax incentives on the Public Support page.

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