Impact DashBoard

Impact DashBoard 101: Topic 3 – Scenario Info

We have covered the basics of the app in our series but now we’re getting to the real meat and potatoes of Impact DashBoard – the Scenario Info page. The Scenario Info pages allows users to enter project-specific information and … Read More

Impact DashBoard 101: Topic 2 – Entering Project Data

Having covered the basics of logging in to Impact DashBoard and getting familiar with the Projects and My Account pages, we now address the topic of how users can get project data into the model. Although Impact DashBoard is an … Read More

Impact DashBoard 101: Topic 1 – Getting Started

Today, we’re starting with the basics of Impact DashBoard. Log in to Impact DashBoard You can login to Impact DashBoard at or You’ll need to enter your Username OR Email Address and your password. Each user will receive … Read More

Tax Increment Financing in Impact DashBoard

We recently added a feature to Impact DashBoard that gives users more control over tax increment calculations for evaluating projects in a TIF district. The basics are described below but feel free to reach out for a one-on-one explanation and … Read More

Impact DashBoard New Features

We’re excited to announce two new features added to Impact DashBoard: Sales Tax Rebates and Adjustable Length Analysis. Below you’ll find a breakdown of how to use these features and a video walk-through. Sales Tax Rebates Users can now model … Read More

ROUNDUP: Impact DashBoard Confidential

A big thank you to everyone who was able to tune in to one or more of the webinars in our series, Impact DashBoard Confidential. During the webinar series, several Impact DashBoard users shared insights on how they use the online … Read More

Impact DashBoard New Features

Hey DashBoarders! We’re back at you with some new features. Below is a list and explanation of what’s to come. There’s also an EXPLANATION VIDEO, if you’d prefer. Of course, we always love to hear from you so feel free to … Read More

Trends in Rural Texas Economic Development

Miss the webinar for economic development in small town/rural Texas? Just feel like watching it again? You’re in luck – we recorded the webinar and have the video available for you. During the webinar, we were very fortunate to be … Read More

Impact DashBoard New Features

Hi DashBoard Users! With the New Year, we launched some new features to DashBoard (along with an improved snazzy look), with many more in the works. Below is a list and explanation of what we pushed out. There’s also an … Read More